careful arrangments of sonic rubbish


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Material Studies #2+#3


October 2023

⨁ Friday Oct 6th - Nov 12

contained / espace

La Chaufferie. HEAR, Strasbourg, France.
Opening Oct 4th, 18:30

⨁ Sunday 15th

Petersburg Art Space - Berlin

with Simon Whetham,  Masahide Tokunaga  and Lucio Capece.

⨁ Wednesday 18th 

C3 Acousmonium.

Milan, Italy

⨁ Friday 20th 

LUFF festival - performance

Salle des Fêtes. Lausanne, Switzerland.

⨁ Saturday 21st

LUFF festival - workshop

Lausanne, Switzerland.

September 2023

⨁ Wednesday 6th

Jen Callaway and TARAB
Long Play Cinema
318 St. Georges Rd. Fitzroy North.
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August 2023

Material Studies #2+#3 digital release on Sonic Rubbish

November 2022

Crawlspace with David Prescott-Steed  (Unfathomless)

Crawlspace developed from dialogue between ourselves, as well as between us and the long, narrow storm water drain known as Bell Stairs. The physicality of the space shaped our movements within it; how we moved through the space impacted upon what was heard and how we listened. This informed what additional sounds we introduced and how we introduced them, which in turn shaped our movements … and so on. 

The recorded traces of this process have been arranged to reflect some of these spatial conversations, comprising clusters of activity interspersed by the sound of the distant water, the traffic above our heads or a single drip drawing us on further down the tunnel. You can hear our movement through the darkness, and the sounds of our somewhat futile attempts to coax Bell Stairs to answer back.

Feburary 2022

ROOMS (Ferns Recordings)

Available now :

Shaped from various recordings of installations and spatial works presented over 2019-21 ... however ROOMS is not intended to act as a straight document of these installations. Rather, it explores some of the ideas and methods which emerged from the process, within the space formed by a pair of stereo speakers situated in yet another room. Recorded audio material is explored as a shifting series of perceivable surfaces, textures and depths; traces of places and actions; points in space; vibration of speaker cone and microphone diaphragm; resonant objects acting as small sounding containers within larger containers; movements of air; a constant shifting set of perspectives; the traces that are left behind; debris gathered up and pawed over. Recorded sound is gathered and understood as partial, fragmentary, incomplete.

December 2021

Material Studies #2 : Taâlem : available now 

Interview with Tom Soloveitzik about HOLES, and an interview with Luciano Maggiore about his release Drenched Thatched Roof published in Recordedness online journal.

April-May 2021


I Am Outside
site-responsive installation: Multi-channel audio, speakers, objects, light and room.

The Living Museum of the West
Pipemakers Park, Van Ness Avenue, Maribyrnong VIC 3032
Friday 30 April 11am-4pm
Sat 1 May 1pm-4pm. Exhibition opening and artist talk in conversation with Sally Anne McIntyre at 2pm.
Thu 6 May 11am-4pm
Fri 7 May 11am-4pm
Sat 8 May 1pm-4pm

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Febuary 2021

⨁ Saturday 27

Starlings Spatial Sound Collective is a group of sound artists dedicated to the investigation, demystification and celebration of spatialised sound. Starlings will present two sessions on this day that will include a mixture of performed and installed works: a new, site specific composition made in the natural environments around McClelland Sculpture Park+Gallery.
Saturday 27 February 2021 12:00 PM and Saturday 27 February 2021 3:00 PM
390 McClelland Drive, Langwarrin, Vic 3910

October 2020

⨁ Saturday 24 

A new quadrophonic piece title Oblique Containers will be presented at the OORtreders Festval -  Provinciaal Domein Dommelhof (BE)
as part of the listening program curated by Dominik ‘t Jolie

April 2020


I have a new TARAB piece - created from recordings made inside my house over the last month -
now available as part of the Amplify 2020: Quarantine online festival. 
All sounds collected, arranged and re-arranged 26 March-25 April 2020: rooms, inhabitants, contents, external activity, speakers, microphones.

March 2020


An interview with Cedric Peyronnet in Toulouse Feb 2020

Febuary 2020


An interview with TARAB by Nico Bogaerts ... in Brussels Feb 2020 .. including live recording from Les Atelier Claus

⨁ Friday 21

Le Lieu Multiple: Planetarium @ Espace Mendès  : Poitiers, France

⨁ Thursday 20

Lecture + Performance.
SÉMINAIRE REFLEXIO 2020 : Synesthésie ¬ MMAINTENANT : Saint-Denis, France

⨁ Saturday 15

Gregory Büttner + Felicity Mangan + TARAB
Centro Sociale : Hamburg, Germany

⨁ Wednesday 12

Thomas Tilly + Yvan Etienne + TARAB
Les Atelier Claus - Brussels, Belgium

⨁ Tues 11th

L'ocelle mare + Yvan Etienne + TARAB
Fragment : Café Jehanne D’Arc : Metz, France
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⨁Sunday 9th

Kate Carr + Yvan Etienne + TARAB
Apologies in Advance : Cafe Oto. London, UK

⨁ Friday 7th

Yvan Etienne + TARAB
DAda : Toulouse, France
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⨁ Wednesday 5th

Yvan Etienne + TARAB
WURM : Basel, Switzerland

⨁ Tuesday 4th

Yvan Etienne + TARAB
Le Diamant D’Or : Strasbourg, France
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Jan 2020
⨁ Friday 31

The Centerpoint #24 : Cinéma Bellevaux. Lausanne, Switzerland

December 2019
⨁ Tues 3

Verhalten + DFFDL + Tarab + Spasmoslop + Is there a gnaugmnline?
Longplay Cinema
318 St Georges Rd, Fitzroy North

November 2019
⨁ Monday 18

Radio Cegeste + Haulout Seal Orchesra + TARAB
Longplay Cinema
318 St Georges Rd, Fitzroy North

October 2019

⨁ Sunday 20

Broadcast of HOMEWORK_radio mix. For THe Radia Network.

August 2019
⨁ Saturday 31

Julia Drouhin, Dylan Sheridan, Emily Sheppard, tarab, Sonnett.

Contemporary Art Tasmania
7 - 9pm

⨁ new release: Bidödaren (Ferns)

Compilation featuring Daniel Menche, Steve Roden, Joe Colley, BJ Nilsen, 
Toy Bizarre, Small Cruel Party Yannick Dauby, and Tarab.
Responding to a draw by Leif Elggren.

Available here:

May  2019
⨁ Sunday 26


Radio Cegeste :: Martin Kay :: Michael GF Prior :: Tarab

SUNDAY 26 MAY : 6:30pm for 7PM START : $10

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Febuary 2019
⨁ Friday 15th

new release:
Friche : Transition : collaboration with Eric La Casa (Swarming)

Januarary 2019
⨁ Saturday 19th

performance at Tilde New Music Festival at Testing Grounds
my set at 1pm in the Black Box .... for more details visit ....

December 2018

⨁ release of HOUSEKEEPING CD on Sonic Rubbish