careful arrangments of sonic rubbish

Material Studies #2 + #3  continue a series of explorations and play with simple materials, started with 2019’s MS#1 released on hemisphäreの空虚. MS#2 and MS#3 sharpens its focus by sticking with one source material or process. MS#2 came about through the introduction of minimal discarded everyday materials to the artificial movement of air via an air-conditioning unit, and MS#3 from the small energetic forces generated by home fermentation, a microphone and a pair of digital scissors. 

Material Studies #2+#3 are not intended as a documents of objects and their interactions, but result from working with these assembled situations and the resulting recordings as material, to listen for what might be shaped through these generative processes.

recorded 2019. arranged 2020-21. re-arranged 2023.

Hopefully there will be more material studies to come …
Serving suggestion: please play loud on speakers.

MS#2 originally released on 3” CD-r by taalem. Available here ...